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LABJ Forum: Catching Laker Fever

LABJ Forum: Catching Laker Fever

It’s that time of year again when the Lakers do battle in the NBA playoffs and L.A. fans come out in force. This year, the team is looking to capture its third consecutive championship title. If the Lakers win the finals, it will be the second time in the team’s 54-year history that they have accomplished a “three-peat.” So the Business Journal asks: Are you following the Lakers in the NBA playoffs?

Jeffrey Kalban

Partner in Charge of Design

Kalban Architects Inc.

I have a 14-year-old daughter, Jenny, who is an avid Laker fan and a big Kobe Byrant fan and we watch every game. I think she just thinks Kobe is really cute. I don’t think it’s any more scientific than that, but we do enjoy going to the games and watching them on TV. Hopefully they’ll go all the way. If they make the finals, I’ll probably have one of those banners for the car.

Rafael Padilla


PAR Commercial Brokerage Inc.

Yes, I’m following them in the playoffs. Do I care to the extent that I hope they win? Yes. Care to the extent that I’ll sleep in front of the box office to get playoff tickets? No. I mean it’s not all there is in life. Keeping it all in perspective, there are more important things. I hope the Lakers do well, but it’s not the center of my universe. It is what it is. It’s just a sport. It’s something to be enjoyed.

Michael Quigley

Vice President of Business Development


Honestly, during the regular season, sometimes it’s heartbreaking to watch the Lakers lose to the so-called ‘lesser’ teams. They are so much better, but it seems they don’t keep their focus during the 82-game campaign. But once the playoffs start, there is no better team to watch. They focus, they play hard, they overcome adversity and they dominate. Stand back and watch the three-peat.

Tracy Mlakar

Manager of Development

Communications and Public Affairs

Loyola Marymount University

Yes, I am following the Lakers. I think it brings the Los Angeles community together, because we are all rooting for the same thing: a three-peat. Can you dig it?

Erin Brown

Media Buyer

Inter/Media Advertising

Yes, I’m following them. I’m actually an avid sports-bar attender. I care whether they win or not but honestly, although I am a native, I would like to see someone else get a chance. I probably shouldn’t be saying that, but it’s starting to get a little boring. They always sweep. Whatever happened to finals that go to game seven? It’s kind of like a Mike Tyson. It’s going to be over in the first.

Alexander Auerbach


Auerbach & Co. Inc.

I’m not a big Laker fan but I’m a big Shaq fan. I enjoy the game because of he and Kobe. My wife is a huge Laker fan and by her standards I’m only an average fan. I find myself more fascinated by the personalities. I do watch more now that it’s playoffs, though. The last few seconds of that game against Portland, where Robert Horry sank the three-pointer, that was just amazing.

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