Driving Diversity

Inclusion initiatives at top talent agencies could help reshape Hollywood

While the rest of Hollywood wrestles with concerns over diversity, the town’s most powerful companies — its leading talent agencies — have already taken steps toward improving inclusion.

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Cruel Summer?

A ‘triple witching hour’ contract crunch looms for Hollywood’s major players

This summer, Hollywood is facing a triple witching hour of contract negotiations, and the industry is bracing for a season of turbulence.

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Dispute Between Agencies, Writers Likely to Continue

Standoff is separate from other labor contracts

The labor dispute over talent agency packaging fees is boiling over, but it sits outside of Hollywood’s triple-witching contracts.

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2020 Talent Agencies and Venues Special Report

Talent agencies remain some of Hollywood's most powerful companies

See how talent agencies are evolving to meet new challenges and better serve clients.

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Silicon Beach Bash

Local tech execs are lifting LA to new heights

While Silicon Valley remains home for many technology industry heavyweights, Los Angeles is rapidly gaining ground as a hub for both startups and established firms.

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Gaming Leaders Work Local, Act Global

Executives at Activision and Riot, among others, are making LA the hub for a burgeoning industry

Gaming is a global industry, but few cities are as entrenched in the production and development of video games as Los Angeles.

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Software Startups Deliver Innovation

ChowNow, Ordermark and ServiceTitan connect companies, consumers

While some technology developed by L.A.-based software startups is invisible to the average consumer, the impact is anything but.

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Media Draws a Crowd in Silicon Beach

Companies like Snap, YouTube, TikTok and more have proven they can attract talent along with users

As digital media continues to evolve, and as entertainment plays an increasingly crucial role in the category, Silicon Beach has developed into an essential location for big and ambitious companies.

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Helping the World Buzz, Ride and Scoot

Consumer tech companies like Ring, Canoo and Bird are changing industries

Los Angeles consumer tech companies and the executives who launched them have been at the forefront of some of the most successful — and ubiquitous — products and services of the past decade.

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2020 Who's Who in Tech

Well Connected

Get to know the innovative executives who make Silicon Beach an essential hub in the tech industry.

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Social Climbing

A new generation of clubs that blend work and play is rising in LA

Read about the latest entries in the city’s growing social club scene.

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Crossing Over

Coworking companies respond to the growing demand for social elements

Flex-space operators are beginning to straddle the line between coworking facility and social club.

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As Coworking Evolves, Questions Arise

Market is watching WeWork, contracts and consolidation

Consolidation, management contracts and specialized offerings are just a few of the developments coming to L.A.’s increasingly crowded coworking scene in 2020.

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2020 Coworking Special Report

L.A.’s coworking scene is entering a new phase, with flex-space operators and social clubs courting members who expect more amenities and benefits.

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Fintech Friendly

Banks lean on tech companies to meet customer expectations

Banks the world over are increasingly being held to the same standards as internet giants and nimble fintech startups.

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