SPAC Attack: Investment Vehicles See Surge in Popularity

Special purpose acquisition companies, or SPACs, are in the midst of their biggest moment yet.

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Special Report: Banking & Finance Quarterly — Q2 2020 Data

Read L.A.'s leaders in special purpose acquisition companies and access the latest data in the Los Angeles Business Journal's Banking & Finance Quarterly Special Report.

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L.A Rising: Koreatown

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Koreatown continues to be a hotbed of development.

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Wealthiest Angelenos 2020: Publisher's Letter

Los Angeles Business Journal Publisher and CEO Josh Schimmels opens the 2020 Wealthiest Angelenos Special Issue.

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Musk Leads 2020 LA Billionaires Thanks to Massive Gain

Despite a global pandemic and one of the most tumultuous economic environments in modern history, U.S. billionaires have done surprisingly well in the past year.

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Ultra-Rich Make Impact on LA, Even If They Don’t Live Here

Many ultra-rich, part-time Angelenos have a large presence here, and they often contribute more than most full-time residents.

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Pandemic Cuts Into LA’s Real Estate Markets — and the Portfolios of Some of the City’s Wealthiest

The historically strong real estate market in Los Angeles has faltered during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Tech Titans See Gains as Industry Becomes Even More Essential

While many industries have struggled in the face of Covid-19, companies in the nimble tech sector have adapted quickly and, in many cases, even thrived.

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2020 Wealthiest Angelenos by Rank, Age and Gender

See the full list of all 50 Wealthiest Angelenos by rank and charts showing the breakdown by age and gender.

2020 Wealthiest Angelenos: Top Gainers

See who the top gainers are on the 2020 Wealthiest Angelenos list.

2020 Wealthiest Angelenos by Industry and Location

See where the Wealthiest Angelenos of 2020 live and how they built their fortunes.

Big-Box Retailers Increase Hiring in LA as Demand Surges

Several big-box retailers — including Target Corp., Walmart Inc., Home Depot Inc., Costco Wholesale Corp. — have posted substantial sales increases since the pandemic hit in March.

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Local Hospital Employment Holds Steady Amid Pandemic

To say L.A. County hospitals have had a challenging year on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic would be an understatement.

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LA County Banking Jobs Show Strength

Amid this grim picture, banks appear to be something of a bright spot. The sector was one of the few to add jobs during the pandemic, according to state data.

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Delivery, Logistics Companies Staff Up to Meet Demand

The proliferation of ecommerce over the past six months has resulted in local job gains at delivery service businesses.

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