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The stock market continues to be battered following the hike of short-term interest rates by the Federal Reserve Board. Additional interest rate hikes are expected which could further add to the volatility of the market. The Business Journal Forum asks:

Have you sold any of your stock portfolio?

Shannon Turner


Turner Green & Associates

No I haven’t, I am riding the wave. I’m going to give it another week to see what’s going on. If it dips too much further, then I’ll probably sell a couple of shares, but until then, I’ll hold tight.

John Flynn

Arthur Andersen LLP

No I haven’t sold. I don’t plan to. I have a diversified portfolio. I think the economy remains healthy, inflation remains in check and I am basically optimistic for continued growth in corporate profits.

Kent Kunitsugu


Sport Rider

No, its mostly because I don’t have anything that is extremely aggressive, just mutual funds. I try to stay away from anything too volatile. I’m pretty confident that things are not going to be too bad, but of course those could be pretty famous last words.

Judy Snow

Director of Interior Architecture

Stone Marracini Patterson

No. I’m in the market for the long term. I’m staying in through this storm – it’s a storm I hope to ride out. But it’s a painful time right now if you’re in it for the short term.

Michael D. Foxworthy

President, Brokerage Services

Charles Dunn Co.

No. My stock portfolio is largely tied up in mutual funds. I have tended to view stocks as a long-term investment, and thus have made conservative choices that hedge against abrupt downturns.

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