Graciela Santillan

Senior Project Manager


In 1972, Graciela Santillan’s parents immigrated to Los Angeles from Mexico in hopes of providing their daughters with the opportunities that a country like the United States of America could afford them – opportunities Graciela’s mother, who was pregnant with Graciela’s eldest sister at the time of the move, lacked while growing up in Mexico in the 1950s. Her family created a new life in a series of ethnic Los Angeles neighborhoods where they interacted with other families of similar backgrounds. Despite many challenges, Santillan’s passion for learning and belief that education was the key to success continued to propel her forward.

Today, Santillan is a senior project manager, LEED AP and DBIA professional at Webcor. She credits much of her success to a collaboration of initiatives that aim to reduce the financial barriers of low-income minority families, such as the Gates Millennium Scholars program.

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