Since 1992, Positive Results Center (Formerly The Positive Results Corporation, aka PRC) has been committed to creating awareness to strengthen, educate and safeguard children, families and the community on the intersections of violence from a cultural and age perspective. We believe people who know they are loved, are taught to believe in themselves, are held accountable for their action and are given the opportunity to excel, can live amazing lives.

We’re now facing a world which is changing daily. We must engage our youth and young adults to develop their voices, eradicate violence, and Radically Re-Imaging what the future looks like. By facilitating safe spaces using art, media, music, education, and financial empowerment as strategies for change, PRC develops healthy youth who grow up to be healthy adults, parents and leaders.

PRC’s mission addresses trauma from a cultural and age perspective. We specializing in developing healthy relationships, and the awareness and prevention of dating & intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and bullying.

PRC believes the inclusion of boys and men are critical to prevent, and end generational violence and trauma. They must be involved in healthy relationship building in order to prevent abuse, foster forgiveness and promote healing.


Every nine seconds a woman is assaulted or beaten in the United States. Approximately 40% of Black women report coercive contact of a sexual nature by age 18. One in six men have experienced some form of physical violence by an intimate partner. Sexual violence and harassment in the workplace are forms of Domestic Violence called Interpersonal Violence, where the abuser operates from a position of power and control.

Violence and abuse can begin in the womb. Traumas youth experience cause lasting effects for them and their entire community. Trauma can show up right after birth, with signs of dating violence been seen as early as the 5th grade. Some signs of trauma include depression, aggression, alcohol, drug use; hyper-sexuality and suicide.


PRC’s team are trauma informed, industry experts, in-demand keynote speakers, engaging and motivating panelist, trainers and workshop facilitators.

Our four platforms include: Youth Leadership Development; Professional Development; Community Awareness and Outreach; and Victim & Survivor Support and Empowerment.

With youth, parents, community and Corporate partnerships, collectively, we can make life better. Through proven programs spanning youth recovery, education, and leadership training, we’re lifting up our children and building healthier communities.

PRC’s goal is to develop leaders and thinkers who promote positive change in their communities and throughout their lives, utilizing effective communication, self-awareness and collaborative effort.

In the last two years, PRC has increased revenue by 143% with diversified funding from grants, contracts and fee for service. In 2019, we received 49 Sponsorships, hosted 26 community events, had 6 Branded Workshops and 5 Signature events including our Promoting Healthy Manhood Conference, Prom Dress Gift-Away and annual fundraiser, Purple Purse Tea Party.

Since 2010, PRC has formed 376 partnerships, received 21 distinguished awards, served over 21,500 youth, and trained over 11,000 employees from youth serving agencies in the United States.

Corporate donors include, but not limited to Allstate, American Business Bank, Annenberg, Cedar Sinai, Department of Justice: Office of Violence Against Women, Kaiser Permanente, L.A. Care, and SoCalGas.


Volunteers are our favorite people. PRC welcomes individuals, companies and employee to join us help those most in need by Volunteering to mentor a youth or young adult; Sponsor a workshop or special event; and Provide In-Kind support (legal, P.R., social media marketing, or create video content).

Contact PRC to train your team (employees or students) on trauma, or working with those impacted by violence.

Consider Hosting a Fundraiser or make an unrestricted financial donation. Last but not least, Positive Results Center is searching for two open minded, creative, influential new Board Members.

We need your help to achieve our goals! Your one-time or monthly donation, time or talent can change the narrative of an entire family and community. Contact Positive Results Center to learn more about our work and the lasting impact we make.

Kandee Lewis is the executive director of Positive Results Center. For more information, visit or email to make a tax-deductible donation.

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