SADA is now the largest Google-only services provider of its kind. Meaning, its 140 staffers are so passionate about how cloud can transform the world, that they continuously win awards/contracts over much larger consulting organizations. SADA also cares deeply about all employees, future employees, and SADA alumni. Leadership has partnered with alternative coding schools to help foster non-traditional engineering students become successful cloud engineers; analyzed its own microaggressions to update gender-neutral job descriptions; promoted Tier I Associate Consultants level-by-level until they have become managers themselves; and most importantly, celebrated SADA alumni with a cake when they feel it is time to continue on their own personal or professional journey.


At MediaAlpha, an advertising technology company that develops programmatic advertising platforms, the company collectively “thinks big.” Its success is a result of exceptionally talented and conscientious team members. They define MediaAlpha’s culture: determined, transparent, diverse, and kind. MediaAlpha trusts its team members to do their best work and in return, it removes bureaucracy, offers top-tier benefits, and promotes a life balance. The company uses positive concepts and a balanced outlook each day to recruit, hire, celebrate, evaluate, create, engage and learn. Being a part of this workplace alleviates the anxiety of ambiguity and empowers team members to contribute in countless ways.


BAMKO designs, manufactures and delivers award-winning merchandise that creates lasting connections between brands and their customers. One of the things BAMKO gets right about employee engagement is a foundation built on twin pillars of connection and growth. BAMKO’s employees feel connected to the company, its mission, and the company leaders. BAMKO employees are constantly challenged to grow — both personally and professionally. BAMKO believes in building whole humans — challenging the individual to become just a bit better every single day both personally and professionally. It’s an inspiring and motivating environment that fuels a deep sense of employee loyalty.


Pango Group is a family of brands who loves the escrow/real estate industry. Because Pango’s success is 100% reliant on amazing people that it works for and with, it cares about its people, invests in them and provides an environment that allows them to do the best job possible. As a real estate industry employer recognized for expansive growth, highly diverse and inclusive culture, and a team of people with some of the brightest, most dynamic professionals in the industry, Pango Group works hard to ensure that its people remain at the “heart” of the organization.

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