Hughes Marino is an industry-leading commercial real estate firm that exclusively represents tenants and buyers — never landlords – so there is never a conflict of interest. Hughes Marino has been representing companies in their negotiations to renew leases, relocate, expand, contract and optimize their real estate for over 25 years. The firm’s list of services include tenant representation; portfolio lease administration and advisory; program, project and construction management, planning + design; and culture consulting. The firm believes in creating clients for life by building lasting relationships with business owners who trust Hughes Marino as a partner in their real estate needs. At the heart of the business is an amazing team that lives and breathes its inspiring “10 Core Values.”

One of the company’s core values is to “enjoy the journey,” and the team feels more like family members away from home than co-workers. As a company, Hughes Marino believes that having a fulfilling personal and professional life is achieved by pursuing personal goals and striving to be “the best possible version of yourself.” Owners Jason and Shay Hughes invest significant resources in the individual growth of each and every team member and employees are very thankful for the opportunities given. The owners are extremely devoted to investing in the team by creating a home away from home complete with beautiful offices, motivating guest speakers, companywide team building events, generously giving back to the community and inspiring each individual to focus and live the company’s 10 Core Values.


Burnham is a privately held, women-owned, full-service strategic employee benefits consulting, and brokerage firm offering comprehensive client-first strategic solutions. The closely held nature of Burnham allows its leadership to adapt — investing in cutting-edge technology, and the tools and resources needed to provide a specialized level of service. Burnham’s commitment to healthy work-life harmony for its employees is a testament to the unique culture that Burnham continues to nurture year after year.

Burnham truly understands the importance of balance, encouraging employees to get involved in the community and offering flexible schedules. Flexibility with employees’ work schedules allows them to devote valuable attention to their work while still contributing to their family’s wellbeing — including the opportunity to work remotely. After each monthly companywide staff meeting, Burnham provides lunch as a form of appreciation and as an opportunity to foster interpersonal relationships. The lunches are one of the many opportunities employees have, in addition to the monthly holiday, cultural, and life-event celebrations the firm sponsors and the weekly carrier sponsored events. The Burnham team prides itself on operating much differently than the average brokerage firm. The firm is highly collaborative and revels in a culture that allows each employee to blossom into the best possible version of themselves. Employees are placed in roles depending not only on their strengths but also their passions. This cultivates a staff that comes to work every day to enjoy the job they are there to do. There is strong mutual respect among the staff because everyone cooperates to work toward the same end goal: Burnham’s success!


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