JPL still mining Cassini data; AET Fund raises $50 million; Red Six gains $2.35 million.

AET Fund Nets $50 Million to Support U.S. Startups

The Akatsuki Entertainment Technology Fund reported a $50 million fund raise April 17. According to VentureBeat, the fund’s new investments include companies in the U.S. and India operating in the media, esports, and hospitality sectors. 20 startups are already in line for funding from AET, which launched its investment arm in October 2017.

$2.35 Million Raised by Red Six Aerospace

Venice-based Red Six Aerospace announced a $2.35 million seed round led by Marina Del Rey-based Moonshots Capital, the Business Journal reports. Moonshots Capital co-founder and Managing General Partner Kelly Perdew will join the board of Red Six Aerospace as part of the funding arrangement. New York-based Irongate Capital Advisors also contributed to the round.

JPL’s Cassini Mission Continues Collecting Data

Over two years after Pasadena-based NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Cassini-Huygens spacecraft plunged into Saturn’s atmosphere, the data it collected still yields exciting results, according to new essays published in “Nature Astronomy.” JPL intended Cassini to study Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, and now know lakes on the moon are more than 100 miles deep. Engadget reported the news, noting the craft spent 20 years traveling through space, 13 of which were dedicated to Saturn and its moons.

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