Snap retailing Spectacles for $350 each; Activision Blizzard accused of ignoring deaf gamers; Musk’s toking prompts another investigation

Activision Faces Accessibility Issues

Santa Monica-based Activision Blizzard Inc., developer of the recent “Spyro Remastered” game, is facing criticism for its refusal to include subtitles in the game. ArsTechnica reports this isn’t the first Activision Blizzard game to shirk game accessibility recommendations, but also notes the issue isn’t exclusive to Activision, as there’s no established legal industry standard for how to display subtitles (though they are highly recommended for deaf or hard-of-hearing players).

Snap Tweaks Spectacles Design

According to Socaltech the latest version of Snap Inc.’s camera glasses, dubbed Spectacles, will retail for $350 and contain two cameras instead of the previous version’s single camera. The extra camera is designed to bring augmented reality effects and 3D photo effects to the glasses,

Musk’s Antics Prompt Another Investigation

After he was recorded smoking cannabis on a podcast in September, Elon Musk’s behaviors prompted NASA to investigate “the safety culture” of Boeing Co. and Space Exploration Technologies Corp. It’s expected that NASA will launch a full-scale probe of the organization, focusing not just on federally illicit drug use but also the overall culture of each workplace. Techcrunch reports that the NASA contracts with both SpaceX and Boeing – a sum total of $6.8 billion, including $2.6 billion which went to SpaceX – could be at risk.

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