California often zigs when the rest of the country zags, and Los Angeles has long been the chief locus of the instinct – perhaps never more than these days when it comes to China. Let the Trump Administration hammer away over trade – everyone around here seems to be ready to do business with China where dealings makes sense. That sentiment seemed clear at street level during the recent L.A. Times Foodbowl Night Market that drew thousands nightly to foods trucks spread over Grand Park during a May 16-20 run downtown. Lots of fun – and no one seemed bothered with the People’s Republic of China as a sponsor … A similiar sentiment seemed to hold at another big event of recent weeks – the Business Journal’s annual Icons honors at the Montage Beverly Hills (see related coverage page 1; special section starting on page 19) ... Cedars-Sinai boss Tom Priselac was among the 2018 class of Icons, and he told the crowd of 200 or so that the hospital not only draws significant numbers of patients from China’s burgeoning middle- and upper-classes but also is engaged in a venture to deliver healthcare over there. Turn to page 32 for more from Priselac … Michael Milken is capable of offering a global perspective on just about anything, and that extended to his remarks from the podium at the Montage, which included a firm opinion that the competition for human capital will define this century. Milken later emphasized that Los Angeles should engage sensibly across borders and oceans, citing a recent study that found a plurality of newly minted Chinese millionaires anxious to live in the U.S. Other points and predictions from Milken on page 28 … China and the rest of the world is on the radar of eyebrow magnate Anastasia Soare, who markets herself and her products everywhere thanks to social media. Soare is the entrepreneur and personality behind Anastasia of Beverly Hills, and if you haven’t read about her in the fashion press you might soon catch her in the financial pages. Turn to page 24 for a primer on how Soare’s beauty business lifted her into the ranks of Icons … Wolfgang Puck didn’t mention China much, but he did give big props to Chinese food, a particular inspiration in what’s been an inspirational life. You’ll find more from Puck on page 30 … Leave it to John Cushman to get to the nub of it when it comes to China, taking the acknowledgement of his status as an Icon as a chance to remind the crowd that L.A. has grown into a gateway to the Pacific Rim in large part on the strength of international trade. Cushman offers plenty more in a Q&A on page 26. …Sullivan Says: Best wishes to Eli Horowitz, our former tech reporter, who recently took up duties as director of public relations and communications for the Los Angeles Sparks.

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