The PENTA Building Group is truly an employee-focused company. The organizational motto is that the company builds amazing projects while it builds amazing people! PENTA’s original owners have instilled a people oriented company philosophy that resounds in everything we do. It can be hard not to get caught up in protecting the company from risk in this litigious day and age but if it means treating people right they will even face the risks that may arise.

Employees love the team spirit and the down to earth executives and senior leaders, who engage in fun jokes, hang out with the other employees and always practice an open door policy. Employees also appreciate PENTA Building Group’s incentive comp bonuses – generous bonuses offered based on the profit of the company each year. PENTA also hosts a popular company picnic – where they bring everyone and their families to Las Vegas for a picnic event each summer. The company also hosts the Intern vs. EMC music video competition – where the loser of the kickball game makes a fun video that the company loves! This project brings together every level of the company in a fun event! On top of all this, the company does an annual employee and family Mammoth Ski Trip.


Currency is the fastest growing financial firm on the West Coast. The company is proud of its A+ team of self-motivated individuals who have an insatiable appetite for success. This is the sixth consecutive time that Currency has appeared on this list. Currency has created a company culture complete with office happy hours, bonuses, team sports and activities and even trips to Las Vegas, Palm Springs and other enjoyable destinations – and that’s not to mention a great compensation structure. As a result, Currency employees are excited to come to work in the morning and grow personally, financially, and professionally.


Onica is a top AWS Premier Consulting Partner with 300%+ growth. Developing talent is in the company’s DNA and its guiding principles are built on relationships, trust and customer focus. Onica knows the value of company culture is hard to demonstrate, but it’s crucial to long-term sustainability. The company believes that its success is built on the fact that its team is truly committed to the power of teamwork and the success of its clients, company and each other. Onica endeavors to take the time to elevate its culture to the highest standard, sponsoring elaborate company events, happy hours, philanthropic initiatives, wellness activities and employee professional development and mentorship programs.

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