BAMKO designs, manufactures and delivers award-winning merchandise that creates lasting connections between brands and their customers. BAMKO has developed itself into an organization that welcomes employees who are engaged, motivated people seeking a place where they can flourish into their best selves. BAMKO is heavily focused on growth – personal growth, professional growth – and as a group are constantly asking themselves how they can improve. People who thrive at BAMKO believe that character and culture matters – and that how they treat other people says an extraordinary amount about who they are. BAMKO knows how to create fun and turn challenge into opportunity. BAMKO’s employees love the constant encouragement to become their best selves and love being surrounded by others who are pursuing their own journey for personal growth.

The company also hosts regular offsite culture building events and $300 charitable donation match program the company has set up as a policy. Practicing what it preaches to customers, the employees at BAMKO utilize their own internally developed proprietary software and communication tools, so they have a first-hand relationship with their company’s wares. BAMKO also proactively fosters a collaborative work environment and offers continuing education stipends to its employees. Plus, there are a number of fun employee activities such as MasterChef-style cooking competitions.


Hughes Marino is an industry-leading commercial real estate firm that exclusively represents tenants & buyers – never landlords. With offices across the nation, the firm believes in creating “clients for life” by building lasting relationships with business owners, who trust them as a partner in all their real estate needs. At the heart of Hughes Marino’s business is its amazing team of hard working and caring people, and its ten Core Values, which are the driving force behind the firm’s award-winning company culture and every business decision that team members make. They reflect everything they embody as a company and as individuals. Team members, who Hughes Marino considers family, live and breathe these values and are extremely proud of the culture the firm has nurtured into what it is today.

Employees at Hughes Marino appreciate that the owners are genuinely dedicated to the success and happiness of each member. They pinpoint individual’s strengths and coach/ nurture them to thrive using their unique talents, host inspirational team meetings and embrace appreciation in the workplace. Plus, every February the entire HM team gathers together as a family at headquarters to celebrate the company’s anniversary. As a day full of inspirational speakers, team building and more, it’s the perfect way for all employees to stay connected.


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