A recent survey found consumer confidence in the local economy dipped in the third quarter. So the Business Journal asks: Do you feel confident about the direction of the L.A. economy?

Michael Koshet, Off Market Multifamily Specialist, KW Commercial

Yes and no. Yes in the fact that I think L.A. is becoming the leading economy in the nation. It’s like the wild, wild West just modernized. Everyone wants a piece of L.A. And no in the sense that I feel in the next 12 to 24 months L.A. will experience a serious shaker that will not only reset the L.A. economy, but all real estate pricing at the same time.


Robyn Ward, Chief Executive, FounderForward

Yes, I feel confident about the L.A. economy, despite concerns for the national economy. The L.A. tech scene continues to grow at an impressive rate. In addition to maintaining a dominant role in e-commerce and digital media, L.A. is well-positioned to be a top innovator in the disruption of major industries. Also, L.A. is a city of entrepreneurs and creatives.


Sean Arian, President, Bixel Exchange

Overall, yes. L.A. is blessed with a diversified, expanding economy with high-growth, high-wage sectors like tech and health care. But we need to work on educational opportunities and economic mobility for the lowest-income Angelenos into these sectors if we want to sustain this growth long-term.


Business Journal readers weighed in, as well:

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