Soylent banned from Canada, Caltech teams with NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab to build next generation robots and ChowNow, a GrubHub competitor, raises $20 million Series B round.

Soylent Banned from Canada

Canadian regulators can’t stomach Soylent. The liquid meal-in-a-bottle, which has been compared to greyish pancake batter, was banned for sale in Canada after the Canadian Food Inspection Agency declared it did not meet requirements for a “meal replacement” product, the drink’s maker, Rosa Foods Inc. of downtown Los Angeles, said on its website on Tuesday, the Business Journal Reports. Soylent is a dissolvable powder that claims to be packed with all the essential nutrients a person needs to survive.

Caltech Teams with NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab to Build Next-Generation Robots

Caltech announced on Tuesday that it partnered with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to opened Center for Autonomous Systems and Technologies, Forbes reports. The center wants to accelerate the combination of machines – robots, drones or spacecraft – enabled with reasoning abilities strong enough to handle unfamiliar circumstances to complete difficult tasks on Earth, in space and on other planets.

ChowNow, a GrubHub Competitor, Raises $20 Million Series B Round

ChowNow, an online food ordering service, raised a $20 million Series B round led by Catalyst Investors, TechCrunch reports. Unlike competitors such as GrubHub, ChowNow charges a monthly fee of $150 per month per location instead of taking a commission on all orders.

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