Attention “Game of Thrones” fans: Today’s Los Angeles Business Journal print edition story about China-Hollywood TV deals includes word that “Game of Thrones” Co-Executive Producer Vince Gerardis is in discussions with Santa Monica-based Leeding Media to produce a historical series and at least partly shot in China.

Gerardis said part of the new series will be set during the Mongol conquest of China (1205 to 1279).

He has not disclosed any further details.

Gerardis is the second “Game of Thrones” producer to unveil plans for a series with roots in historical China. In August, 2016, producer Christopher Newman, who has been involved with the HBO fantasy drama since its launch in 2011, announced he had signed a deal with Chinese company Starlight Media and K. Jam Media in Westwood to develop and produce the historical drama series “Empress,” exploring the story of Wu Zetian. Wu Zetian was Empress regnant during 690 to 705 A.D, part of the brief Zhou Dynasty that interrupted the Tang Dynasty, which ran from 618 to 906 A.D.

“Empress” also has plans to produce in China. The 13-episode drama, with an estimated budget of $70 million to be financed by Starlight Media, which has local offices in Beverly Hills, will reportedly begin filming in China’s Sichuan province in late 2017 for a 2018 premiere. K. Jam Media will shop the project to broadcast networks after filming has been completed, according to announced plans,

Interest remains high in future plans for the “Game of Thrones” team. The series reportedly ranks as TV’s most watched series ever, with a reported average audience of 13 million per episode in its seventh season, which ended in August. HBO has announced the series will conclude with Season Eight.

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