The holiday season is upon us and the end of 2017 is fast-approaching, which means many companies are getting ready to distribute bonuses. So the Business Journal asks: Does your company give out holiday or year-end bonuses?

Arlene Howard, Founder and Chief Executive, Arlene Howard Public Relations

Unfortunately, not this year. I’m going to give bonuses in January. It’s easier on cash flow for the company, and employees have to take care of their holiday debt in January – and they also can take advantage of post-holiday sales.

Donelle Dadigan, President, Founder, Hollywood Museum

Yes, we give out cash bonuses. The year-end bonuses are roughly equal to two months’ salary. We chose to do this versus merchandise as we did not want to second-guess what our employees would do with their bonuses.

Leron Gubler, Chief Executive, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

Yes, we give a cash bonus at the holiday season to thank our employees. However, it is done as a small token for the season. We wait until the end of our fiscal year in March to determine a larger bonus based on how well we have performed.

Business Journal readers weighed in, as well:

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