Ten franchise teams for ‘League of Legends’ North American e-sports league unveiled, SpaceX launch of secret Zuma mission on hold until after Thanksgiving and Maglev transportation company Arrivo welcomes regulations.

Ten Franchise Teams for ‘League of Legends’ North American e-sports League Unveiled

Riot Games announced the 10 teams selected for the permanent partnership structure of the “League of Legends” North American League Championship Series starting with 2018 play, Variety reports. Four teams which applied to be in the league – including Lionsgate-backed Immortals – were excluded.

SpaceX Launch of Secret Zuma Mission on Hold Until After Thanksgiving

SpaceX's launch of a secret U.S. government mission from Kennedy Space Center won't happen until after Thanksgiving, Florida Today reports. SpaceX's only statement, issued last Thursday, said it had put the launch on hold so teams could review an issue uncovered during tests of Falcon rocket nose cones, or payload fairings, that were performed recently for another customer.

Maglev Transportation Company Arrivo Welcomes Regulations

Arrivo’s Chief Executive Brogan BamBrogan said that his company welcomes regulatory oversight of his company’s plan to build a maglev transportation system in Denver from the Colorado Department of Transportation, CNBC reports. The two entities will conduct Arrivo's feasibility study together.

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