The Dodgers may not have won the World Series, but the team’s fandom is undeniable. So the Business Journal asks: How many Dodger games did you go to this year?

David R. Pascale Jr., Senior Vice President, George Smith Partners

I attended eight games, including two World Series home games. As an avid fan, I have been going to games since 1969. My love of the team started when I started listening to Vin Scully on the radio and keeping score in a scorebook at home.

Allan S. Glass, President and Chief Executive, ASG Real Estate

This year, I probably went to 10 or 15 games. I tried to go to World Series Game 7. I was going to wing it, buy a single, as tickets were dropping precipitously to the high $600s. I took an Uber to the stadium … and all the tickets under $1,200 were sold out. It hasn’t sunk in whether I regret not going.

David Ebeling, Owner, Ebeling Communications

I attended two Dodgers games this year including Game 2 of the World Series and one in San Diego. As a fan since the late 1970s, I try to take my son to at least one game per year.

Business Journal readers weighed in, as well:

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