Robert Anderson. Photo by Ringo H.W. Chiu/LABJ

Robert Anderson. Photo by Ringo H.W. Chiu/LABJ

Despite a vast generation gap, this year’s 20 in Their 20s and 8 Over 80 subjects – together in the same edition of the Business Journal for the first time – have much in common.

Seven decades separate the youngest on the lists –Noah Whinston, 22, who launched e-sports company Immortals two years ago – and the oldest – 92-year-old A. Charles Wilson, who started Ernest Packaging Solutions in 1946.

However, the characteristics needed to be an entrepreneur, to lead a company for decades, or to grow professionally throughout life are much the same, regardless of age. A passion for one’s business and industry, excitement about the future, and often long hours – with the caveat of making time for a little fun – are common themes.

8 Over 80

Marvalene Bickerstaff

Stanley Black

William J. Fulco

Larry King

David Mirisch

Richard Reeves

George Takei

Charles Wilson

20 in Their 20s

Robert Anderson

Deepak Atyam

Nicolas Bijan

Andrea Borgen

Eden Chen

Alex Finch

Francisco Franco

Erika Jensen

Jake Kassan

Oren Katz

Kramer LaPlante

Ray Li

Ben Mones

Ted Montoya

Sophia Parsa

Justin Schneider

James Shani

Noah Whinston

Kevin Yamazaki

Shakib Zabihian

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