Widespread allegations of sexual harassment and assault have surfaced in the business and political worlds over the past several months, so the Business Journal asks: Is your company planning to update its workplace sexual harassment policies or hold additional training?

Rick Merrill, Founder and Chief Executive, Gavelytics

We have a rigorous policy, and I’m a lawyer, so I’m very familiar with the content. I don’t see a reason to revise our policy, but I think it’s important to confirm that employees understand it—and equally important they understand the consequences if they breach the policy.


Bradley Mancuso, Senior Associate and Vice President, Bohm Law Group

As a top employment firm in the state, Bohm Law Group Inc. leads by example. That means we regularly train our staff how to identify and eliminate not just sexual harassment in the workplace, but all forms of hostile behavior and discrimination.


Mark Moralez, owner, MP Printing Palace Inc.

I think it is something that requires greater awareness for sure. We always need to be vigilant, but our small shop has had the same set of employees for the past 10 years, with the exception of one. I am confident that it is a safe space.


Business Journal readers weighed in, as well:

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