Snapchat projected to generate nearly $1 billion next year, Fullscreen’s chief marketing officer exits, Snapchat hints at move into augmented reality, and more.

Snapchat Hints at Move into Augmented Reality

Snapchat has hinted of its ambitions to move from apps into hardware by joining the industry group that runs the Bluetooth wireless standard, which is essential for a maker that wants to use the standard in its hardware, reports the Financial Times. The company was rumored to be building an augmented reality headset after it acquired Vergence Labs, a startup that was developing augmented reality glasses, for a reported $15 million in 2014.

Rubicon to Power Flipboard Programmatic Ads

The Rubicon Project has signed a deal to provide programmatic advertising to news aggregation app Flipboard, reports Adweek. The app will offer ads through a private marketplace facilitated by Rubicon starting next month and brands will also be able to utilize targeting capabilities to reach users based on their reading interests and demographics.

Snapchat Projected to Generate Nearly $1 Billion Next Year

Snapchat is projected to generate nearly $1 billion in advertising revenue next year, according to a report by eMarketer, reports the L.A. Business Journal. This year, the Venice-based company is projected to generate $367 million in ad revenues.

Fullscreen’s Chief Marketing Officer Exits

Digital media company Fullscreen has parted ways with its former Chief Marketing Officer Jason Klarman and promoted Alan Beard, co-founder of Fullscreen-owned creative studio McBeard, to the position, reports the Hollywood Reporter. Part of Beard's job will be to promote the recently launched Fullscreen steaming platform, which offers original series and licensed shows and movies for $4.99 a month.

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