Responses from Chief Executive Ara Petrosyan

How has your company evolved since it was founded?

We started as a group of engineers and began door-knocking homes to share the benefits of solar. After a couple jobs, we had a handful of satisfied homeowners who were referring their friends and family. Soon, three jobs turned into 10 and 10 jobs turned into 30 and the momentum continued ever since.

LA Solar Group

Van Nuys

BUSINESS: Solar Installer



2015 REVENUE: $12 million

What did you do to achieve this rate of growth?

Key to our growth was and continues to be customer service. Every customer is treated with great attention and care.

How did you manage the growing workload?

We developed the best training program available so that our sales reps can provide the best consultation and customer experience. We also streamlined the operations process, built strong relationships with the city and county to speed up projects, and established our own quality control.

What were the biggest obstacles hindering your growth and how did you overcome them?

Competition is always an obstacle. We were assessing how our main competitors were performing in the market, and we’d make adjustments to our marketing and sales efforts to compete and generate business whether it was adding more value, lowering cost, or planning a strategic marketing campaign. 

Is there still room to grow in your current market or will you seek to expand into new areas?

Absolutely. We’re more than just about solar. We’re about empowering the future together by offering more to our customers. This year we have launched our roofing services and also battery storage. With commercial property becoming energy efficient, we’ve expanded our service to help bring sustainability to the commercial market.

How has your location in the L.A. area played into your company’s growth?

Southern California is an epicenter for solar and renewable technology. In Los Angeles, real estate is always a trending industry. Five years ago, solar began to gain popularity in the area, yet the problem was that many solar companies weren’t customer focused but rather profit driven. This led to an oversaturation of solar companies that didn’t provide the engineering expertise, high level of customer service, knowledgeable consultants, and well-trained technicians. We don’t subcontract our work. Property owners are more savvy now with solar than they were before, and our track record and reputation here in L.A. has helped us expand and grow into new territories in Northern California, Arizona, Texas, and Colorado.

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