Net Worth: $1.53 billion, up 8.5 percent

LAST YEAR: $1.41 billion (recalculated)

AGE: 69

RESIDENCE: Brentwood

SOURCE OF WEALTH: Real estate, private equity

THE MONEY: Private equity firm Colony Capital went public, exposing value of holdings for first time. Huge stake in home rental business now also part of publicly traded company. Realized gain from sale of Miramax film library and studio. Gains in value of personal real estate holdings.

THE BUZZ: Merged rapidly growing home rental business with Starwood Waypoint Residential Trust in January to form Colony Starwood Homes. That followed last year’s transaction combining management of private equity real estate investment firm Colony Capital with Colony Financial, a publicly traded REIT. Barrack now executive chairman of Colony Capital Inc., which has more than 300 employees and 14 offices worldwide, nearly $19 billion in assets under management, and $9.3 billion of third-party equity under management. Investments include office buildings, hotels, Napa vineyards, Swiss hospitals, and stake in Sam Nazarian’s SBE hospitality group. Quirky investments include Neverland Ranch – on market for $100 million. Sold stake in Miramax film studio and library in March to BeIn Media of Doha, Qatar; had purchased Miramax with other partners, including construction magnate Ron Tutor, in 2010 for $663 million. Grandson of Lebanese emigrants. Spent mid-1970s in Saudi Arabia arranging oil field deals; served in Reagan administration as deputy undersecretary of Department of Interior. Lives in Brentwood; owns ranch-vineyard in Santa Ynez Valley, Montecito estate, and luxury Manhattan apartment.

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