California’s 2nd District Court of Appeal has upheld a city of Los Angeles injunction against medical marijuana delivery app Nestdrop of Hollywood.

Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer filed a lawsuit against Nestdrop in 2014, alleging that the app violated Proposition D’s limits on marijuana dispensaries. A judge granted an injunction against the startup shortly after the initial lawsuit and this latest ruling upholds that injunction.

Nestdrop allows customers to order alcohol and marijuana from local liquor stores and medical marijuana dispensaries through an app that is delivered by those vendors.

In practical terms, the injunction prohibits Nestdrop from facilitating deliveries of medical marijuana in the city of Los Angeles and directs the company to change its app to stop deliveries within the city.

“This ruling is a significant step forward in our effort to stop medical marijuana delivery services,” Feuer said in a statement. “Marijuana deliveries violate Prop D and flout the will of the voters who enacted it.”

Nestdrop co-founder Michael Pycher said he is disappointed with the ruling, but he hasn’t decided on the company’s next legal steps.

“We feel it’s a short-sighted ruling, not in line with what’s happening in Los Angeles or in the country,” he said. “The city should be working with us hand in hand, instead of working against us. We are the tech that will make medical marijuana safer by stopping people from driving under the influence.”

Though banned in Los Angeles, Nestdrop has expanded its operation to other cities including Pasadena, Seattle and Portland, Ore. Nestdrop isn’t facing legal action in any other cities, Pycher said.

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