Silicon Beach startups in the digital health and digital media spaces will present new ideas to venture capitalists and investors at the second annual Israel Digital Entrepreneur Arts and Science (Ideas) Los Angeles conference, which will run June 15 and 16 at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica.

“Media and entertainment have no doubt boosted the capital of L.A.’s tech space, but there are all sorts of initiatives across Los Angeles in the digital health space coming from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, UCLA, and so many others,” said David Dorfman, executive director of the conference. “We look for these synergies to gauge what’s happening in the business world.”

It’s not just L.A.-area innovators, investors, thought leaders, and creatives expected to be among the 700 attendees, the event will draw participants from Tel Aviv, Israel, and Silicon Valley as well.

“This unified platform helps connect California with Tel Aviv in a way that happens all the time organically through business, but with diverse perspectives in a two-day experience where it’s happening all at once,” Dorfman said of the event, which is organized by the American Friends of Tel Aviv University.

By unifying both digital media and digital health, local organizers, including real estate developer Crescent Heights, the Los Angeles Venture Association, and West L.A. law firm Nelson Hardiman are expecting the two industries can find crossover opportunities and learn from each other.

“The magic happens when you’re exposed to ideas outside of your specific business focus, really allowing you to expand your thinking,” said Dorfman. “There’s a lot of opportunity for things to crossover.”

Guests will have the opportunity to create their own agenda, choosing from more than 80 scheduled speakers in both the media and health tracks. General admission tickets to the event are $329, which includes lunch and access to all the events and parties on both days.

Among the 15 startups scheduled to be on hand are Silver Lake’s HowLoud, which aims to help businesses assess noise levels in particular neighborhoods by measuring such factors as car traffic, airport traffic, and noise from schools.

Also in the lineup is Santa Monica’s Kinonation, which is developing a cloud service for filmmakers to distribute their works.

Fusion Media Network’s news and satire channel Fusion has programmed the entire second afternoon to focus on media, millennials, and presidential election coverage.

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