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Immigrants from across the globe and representing every conceivable industry have used Los Angeles as a launching pad to build companies that make an impact on the local economy and beyond.

Some, such as mitú’s Beatriz Acevedo and Orci Advertising’s Hector and Norma Orci, have capitalized on L.A.’s deep Latino roots, while others, such as Vault Pharma’s Michael Laznicka, specifically targeted the region due

to the amazing scientific breakthroughs coming out of UCLA.

Whatever it was that drew them to Los Angeles, each of these entrepreneurs has made a significant contribution to the economic and cultural fabric of the place they now call home.

Beatriz Acevedo

Linc Gasking

Rattan Joea

Michael Laznicka

Marc Mertens

Hector and Norma Orci

Victoria Silchenko

Clara Reis Winston

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