Entertainment reporter Sandro Monetti’s business take on this weekend’s new movie releases.

EVEREST - Rival companies launch tours up Mount Everest for tourists and end up guiding some guests who are ill-prepared for the challenge. Set on one fateful trip in 1996, a mailman, a pathologist and a journalist are among the mountaineers for whom death lurks at every turn. Universal tries to continue its run of 2015 box office successes by scoring yet another hit with this icy adventure, which by playing in 3D and IMAX adds further dollars to the ticket price.

BLACK MASS – If you want to run a successful crime business, get the FBI on your side. That’s the lesson from Whitey Bulger, who informed on his gangster rivals in return for the Feds turning a blind eye to his own nefarious activities. By casting Johnny Depp as the Boston criminal kingpin, this Warner Bros. movie continues a tradition from the studio’s Golden Age, when charismatic stars like Edward G. Robinson and James Cagney were cast in gangster roles.

SICARIO – A film that Donald Trump supporters would love, this action thriller is about attempts to stop evil Mexican drug lords from flooding America with narcotics. Emily Blunt stars as an FBI field agent who has risen through the ranks in a male dominated profession and gets her biggest assignment yet when asked to join a special task force in the war on drugs. But when her bosses start behaving in dubious ways, she soon begins to question which colleagues she can trust. This Lions Gate release may bring Oscar nominations to the Santa Monica company.

MAZE RUNNER: THE SCORCH TRIALS – A powerful, mysterious and sinister organization called the World Catastrophe Killzone Division (WCKD for short) previously held a group of teenagers captive and now sends them to a desolate landscape full of threats, including a zombie epidemic. Determined to learn what this mysterious group’s business plan is all about, the captives decide to fight back. Fox is hoping this franchise can rise to the box office levels of other dystopian young adult novel adaptations like “Divergent” and the “Hunger Games.”

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