Lew Wolff

Team(s) owned / ownership stake: Oakland A’s, San Jose Earthquakes | minority

Other titles: Chairman, Wolff Urban Development

How did you come to own a sports team?

I was approached by Bud Selig for baseball and by Tim Leiweke.

Is it an investment or more of a hobby?


Is it a good investment?


Other than winning, what’s the best thing about owning part of a sports team?

Being able to bring young fans, some sadly, not well, and the ballplayers and soccer players together. All our players are so very kind to all kids. They are kids themselves.

What’s the worst thing (besides losing)?

There is nothing worse than losing.

How many games a season do you attend?

Over half.

What was your favorite team when you were growing up?

The St. Louis Cardinals.

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