Entertainment reporter Sandro Monetti’s business take on this weekend’s new movie releases.

LEGEND – It’s hard to run a family crime syndicate when your twin brother is a psychopath who wants to kill all your business partners. Reggie Kray tries to rein in brother Ronnie while keeping the casinos, clubs, payoffs and protection rackets going in this true story of Britain’s most notorious gangster brothers, both played by Tom Hardy.

THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY, PART 2 – A pitiless dictator mobilizes soldiers to defend his totalitarian government and media empire against a determined rebel armed with a bow and arrow and backed by an army of angry youngsters in the final chapter of this money-spinning franchise.

THE NIGHT BEFORE – An NFL star who is forever getting free gifts from companies for promoting their products on his social media accounts gets use of a limousine for Christmas Eve. He uses it to whisk his best pals, a lawyer and a musician, on a hedonistic wild night out in New York where they meet a pot dealer whose product gives them uncomfortable visions of Christmas past, present and future.

CAROL – A department store clerk who dreams of a better life looks to have found it when she meets an elegantly dressed customer who starts flirting and eventually asks her to come along on a romantic road trip. But the customer is a woman and this is the 1950s when society was less accepting of lesbian relationships. Should she have stayed behind the counter or followed her heart?

SECRET IN THEIR EYES – The Los Angeles district attorney’s office is asked to reopen an unsolved murder case from 2002 that they were too busy to solve at the time due to having their hands full sweeping the city looking for sleeper cells of post 9/11 terrorists. But digging up the past soon causes new tensions in the present. Julia Roberts stars and her husband Danny Moder is director of photography.

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