Pluto TV: Streaming television and Web video service Pluto TV of Mid-Wilshire has launched on Apple TV and expanded its content by signing licensing deals that include NBCU News, Paramount Pictures, Sky News and CNET. Pluto TV also has content from Funny or Die, Hulu, and Bloomberg TV and a large amount of content from YouTube.

Rex: Online house marketplace and sales service Rex of Westlake Village has launched. The online marketplace is a licensed real estate brokerage that lists, markets and shows residential properties for a 1 percent fee.

Tumbleweed: Malibu’s Tumbleweed launched its news curation and sharing app. The Tumbleweed app sources news for users and then allows them to put their own spin on reports with stickers and photo editing tools before sharing the news on social media.

Defy Media: Online entertainment company Defy Media of Mid-Wilshire will launch ScreenJunkies Plus as a $4.99-a-month subscription service on Nov. 17. Screen Junkies is known for free-to-view YouTube series “Honest Trailers” and “Movie Fights!” The service will offer additional scripted series and opportunities for fans to vote on the content the company produces next.

Focus Motion: Movement recognition and analysis company Focus Motion of Santa Monica has partnered with Reflexion Health and Force Therapeutics to explore motion tracking in physical therapy. Focus Motion’s software for wearables automatically tracks movements, exercises and gestures.

Telesign: User identification software company Telesign of Marina del Rey has partnered with Swiss telecom company Swisscom. Telesign will provide new identity services, help improve online account security, verify financial and e-commerce transactions, and prevent fraud for Swisscom starting in 2016.

Activision: Santa Monica’s Activision Blizzard Inc. said the launch of its video game Call of Duty: Black Ops III pulled in $550 million over the past weekend. The company is calling the haul the biggest entertainment launch of 2015, including theatrical box office, music and book launches.

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