Imprenta Communications Group


BUSINESS: Public relations, advertising and media



2014 REVENUE: $19.6 million

Responses from Chief Executive Ronald Wong

What did you do to achieve this rate of growth?

In order to achieve growth, Imprenta slightly changed its business model. We switched from being a strictly public relations firm to also focusing on advertising and media buys.

How did you manage the growing workload? For example, did you have to add space, hire more employees or move into new facilities?

Yes to all. Luckily, there was space available next door to us, so that part was simple. We are constantly hiring to meet the growing needs of Imprenta. We went from a small office

of 12 to nearly 20 virtually overnight. It’s fun to adapt to the challenges of this


What were the biggest obstacles holding you back from growing? How did you overcome them?

Having to manage a business and clients at the same time. Getting the staff and (putting them) in the right positions is a challenge. Doing things that you haven’t done before. What got you here won’t get you there.

How do you manage expectations after such strong growth?

It can be difficult to accurately gauge where expectations should be set for our team and the clients since we’ve grown so fast. We learn how to best set reasonable expectations by placing protocols and processes in place so we can train and recruit positive and hard-working staff.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned over the last three years?

I am constantly learning new things. Through the ups and downs, my main principle of “To each what they want and deserve” has stood the test of time. There are two parts to this statement, and while the “want” part is where most people focus, the real focus should be on the “deserve” part, which is the work you’re willing to do to make all of your wants and desires come true.

Is there anything you would have done differently?

It’s important to learn from the past. We’ve learned a lot about Imprenta’s needs and how to hire the right people to meet those demands.

Does your location in the L.A. area help or hinder your growth?

Ultimately, our location helps. We’re based in the San Gabriel Valley, which is one of the most diverse areas of the state.

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