Google Creative Director Jeben Berg has reunited with Danny Zappin, his former boss at Maker Studios. Zappin has lured Berg back down to Los Angeles to join his Zealot Networks as head of creative and marketing solutions.

Berg was director of Audience and Talent Innovation at Maker before joining YouTube, and later Google. Zappin formed Zealot last year after being ousted in 2013 as chief executive of Maker. The Venice company has been rolling up a collection of talent and marketing agencies, copyright management firms and video production studios. Launched last August, it has raised $30 million to aggressively build through acquisitions.

Berg’s mission will be to weave Zealot’s diverse set of advertising services into marketing campaigns for brands.

“When they work well together, there is a wonderful choreography that you can’t find elsewhere,” said Berg.

In addition to advertising services, Zealot is considering creating serialized shows or small branded video pieces it could host on a proprietary website or on sites like YouTube. Details for that have yet to be concreted as the company wants to remain flexible.

“We do have a vision,” said Berg. “But we also reserve the right to amend the vision and to edit that vision as we go forward. We’re evolving and we’re evolving at a really quick pace.”

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