When airlines purchase Boeing 737 airplanes, the most popular jetliner in the world in terms of orders, they will now have the option to include Global Eagle Entertainment Inc.’s pre-installed satellite system.

The West Los Angeles in-flight entertainment firm announced today that, for the first time, airlines will have the option of including its satellite Wi-Fi system in their aircraft prior to delivery, rather than retrofitting existing aircraft.

Global Eagle’s largest customer is Southwest Airlines, which installs the Wi-Fi system into airplanes that have already been built, a process that requires undoing casings and redoing wire, a Global Eagle spokesperson said. The new deal with Boeing allows the installation to be part of the plane’s construction process, with the system included in Boeing’s catalogue.

That could mean new customers for Global Eagle, and potentially lower costs for airlines already considering installing the company’s systems.

Airlines will also have the option of including Global Eagle’s content portals – in-flight entertainment systems that allow passengers to watch movies or television shows and listen to music – along with the satellite system, the spokesperson said.

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