What business lines and geography do you serve in the L.A. area?

I am the regional president and head of commercial banking for U.S. Bank in Southern California, based in Los Angeles.

How much time do you spend traveling for the job, including visiting branch offices and seeing clients?

Our goal is always to go to our clients and to be involved in the community, so aside from the time that I spend working with staff and colleagues on internal strategy, I am out in the community the vast majority of my time.

What’s something about the L.A. business community you didn’t realize before taking this job?

I am a native of and started my career in Pittsburgh, but have been in Los Angeles for decades. I am continually fascinated by the vitality of this market. There’s nothing that can’t happen in L.A. – it’s all right here.

How do you differentiate your bank from both locally based and other national banks with a presence in this city?

It all goes back to our employees. They’re here because they believe in our purpose, which is to use the strength of our company to benefit the community and the clients in our region. Our employees work from the heart, and when they get behind a cause they do it with full engagement and enthusiasm.

What’s the best part about working for a big bank rather than a smaller one?

We have the ability to make a real difference in the lives of a wide range of customers, from students just starting to gain financial independence to major corporations that require highly sophisticated financial expertise.

And the worst part?

There really isn’t one.

It’s been more than six years since the financial crisis hit. How well do you think your industry has learned the pertinent lessons from that catastrophe? What are those lessons?

Our industry and our country have learned a tremendous amount. We see it in the way businesses, consumers and banks are more prudent in how they use their assets. A core lesson is to know your partner, know the business you’re in and be an advocate for your client.

What’s the best advice you ever got?

Always keep your shoes shined.

What’s your favorite restaurant for business meetings?

My favorite restaurant is usually wherever my guest prefers to dine. That said, I frequent Café Pinot due to its great food and proximity to our office.

Lakers, Clippers or neither?

I have to go with the Lakers.

Sean Foley, 50

Title: Regional Chairman

Bank: U.S. Bank

Rank, Local Deposit Market Share: 10, 2.5 percent

Residence: Los Angeles

Family: Wife, Michelle, and three daughters.

Activities: Mountain biking, music, golf

Years in L.A. Area: 25

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