Film and TV shooting has been moving to states that offer more generous tax credits than California. This is causing a ripple effect in the local economy, with companies that provide equipment and services to the industry forced to shut down. So the Business Journal asks:

Should there be more tax credits for L.A. TV and film production?



Elysian Pictures

I worked on 15 projects and all of them except for one were filmed out of town because of tax credits. If independent filmmakers got tax breaks, I bet more productions would move back, especially because there are more talented crews, specialized gear and other advantages here.


President Blaze PR

Absolutely. The TV and film industries are the heart and soul of California. The area and industries will be doomed to repeat the mistakes of the steel industries in the 1970s and leave their cities and communities as vacant wastelands. Also, talented individuals will no longer head west and migrate to other metro areas.


Chief Operating Officer

World Wide Events

Yes. The entertainment industry creates key jobs for middle-income residents of our city and the industry has enormous impact upon local businesses, from catering companies to security firms and other key small businesses.



The lowest bid usually wins regardless of consequence, and that consequence is what faces the state of California now. Personally, I am shooting in Canada and West Virginia. The Canadian dollars could be going to work in California, but at nearly three times the rate to shoot here, my budget will not allow it.


Box Office Analyst

Studio System News

I totally support them. I know so many people who have had to leave their families for months at a time to get a job in other states and countries. The middle class that makes up the majority of Los Angeles relies on those production jobs. I’m concerned that we will lose a middle class in L.A. if people have to start moving out.

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