Executive Vice President

Rising Realty Partners

Our buildings already utilize water-saving and drought resistant technologies such as low-flow toilets. We’ve been and continue to be conserving water.



Jacob Maarse Florist

Yes, we have started conserving water. In fact, we are reusing water that we use to process the flowers at our store. We clean the stems so that the water remains clean in the buckets and we can use the water several times. For our rose farm, we use drip irrigation to minimize water usage. We also try to prevent water evaporation from the soil.


Media Consultant

Front Page Media

We have been conserving water at our house, or trying to. My girlfriend gets annoyed because I have timed her showers! In all seriousness, though, we have tried to help out by limiting how much water we use, and ponying up and buying bottled water.



Kumagai Law Group

Our lawn is EZ Grass and the rest of our front and backyards comprise water-efficient native plantings – palo verde, Mexican bamboo, cactus, etc. Drought or no drought, we are careful about how we use water.


Account Executive

Lucky Break Public Relations

I haven’t started conserving water yet. I should probably start but there are things that I just can’t get myself to stop such as washing my car or showering before work and after the gym. I could start by shortening my showers or limiting myself to twice daily, but these conveniences are going to be really hard to stop.

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