Michelle Kath Sinclair is a Culver City DJ, working events and parties. But she’s got a story to tell. It’s about her late father, Terry Kath, the original singer-guitarist of the classic rock band Chicago.

So she’s making a documentary, “Searching for Terry.” She tapped into the Chicago fan base to raise $46,000 via Kickstarter to start filming interviews with her dad’s rock contemporaries, such as Joe Walsh, and is now working on $40,000 more for postproduction so she can show it at festivals such as next year’s South by Southwest in Austin, Texas.

Along with a small crew, she has been working on the film in her garage this summer as well as traveling to interview subjects.

She’s exploring how to secure the rights to use the band’s music, and plans to find an investor who will cover those costs. She hopes Chicago’s label, Warner Music Group’s Rhino Records, will give her a family discount.

Sinclair was only 2 years when her father died from an accidental self-inflicted gunshot to the head in Woodland Hills. She embarked on the project three years ago, when she was 35, to cement his reputation for his contributions to hits such as “25 or 6 to 4” and help her connect with the father she never knew.

“I was hoping to expose him more as a musician,” she said. “I wanted him to get on one of those top lists of guitarists in Rolling Stone. But it’s also my own personal journey.”

– Jonathan Polakoff

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