Los Angeles

BUSINESS: Mobile video advertising



2012 REVENUE: $11.3 million

u Responses from Chief Executive Will Kassoy:

What did you do to achieve the company’s growth?

The team at AdColony saw a huge opportunity in the mobile space, and we have been a “mobile-fist” company from the start. Mobile advertising is booming with huge increases in daily time spent with mobile media and strong advertiser interest in reaching mobile consumers, and we’ve been able to outpace an already hot and rapidly growing mobile video ad market to achieve extraordinary revenue growth.

How did you manage the growing workload? For example, did you have to add space or move into new facilities?

We have outgrown our physical office space a few times, not only here at our headquarters in West Los Angeles but also in a few of our satellite offices in San Francisco, Seattle and New York. But that has been a good problem to have.

What was the biggest challenge

for your staff?

The biggest challenge for us has been to avoid getting distracted by trying to be everything for everyone. We do mobile video and we do it very well. We’re committed to staying focused and growing the business this way, and it has paid off. We also must innovate and move at a very fast pace to stay competitive.

Do you plan on continuing a fast-growth path or has the time come to slow down a bit?

We absolutely plan on continuing on a fast-growth path. We’ve been able to carefully scale our business to support our growth. And the team here has been very smart about being efficient and growing at a fast pace without ever letting the quality of our product suffer. Mobile is an exciting space to be in, and we’re fortunate to call Los Angeles our home as it fostered our success and helped us thrive. AdColony is at the intersection of business for Hollywood, Madison Avenue and Silicon Valley. Each industry plays a major role in the future of mobile advertising, and we’re well-poised to facilitate business across these players.

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