$3.9 billion 15%

LAST YEAR: $3.38 billion*

AGE: 76 (Stewart)

RESIDENCE: Beverly Hills

SOURCES OF WEALTH: Agriculture, retail

THE MONEY: Pistachio and almond businesses very strong as prices for land with nut-bearing trees reached record levels. Cuties-branded mandarins went national in last two years, boosting sales. Sold brand name in May, will be rebranding mandarins under Wonderful label.

BUZZ: California agri-barons and master marketers more forthcoming about holdings this year. Closely held Roll Global holding company expanded internationally with purchase of lemon and lime groves in Mexico. Company now includes Paramount Farms (almonds and pistachios), Paramount Citrus (mandarins and grapefruit), Pom Wonderful, Fiji Water, Telaflora, Suterra Pest Control, Neptune Shipping Lines and 54 percent stake in Kern County Water Authority. Personal wealth includes artwork, and homes in Aspen, Colo., and Beverly Hills. Purchased Landmark Vineyards in Sonoma Valley as well as Texas grapefruit growers Healds Valley Farms and Rio Grande Farms in lastyear, giving Roll Global at least 60 percent of more than $100 million Texas grapefruit market. Election year meant politically involved Resnicks were out spending for Democratic candidates; more than $75,000 contributed to national and state contests, including $30,000 for fundraising arm of the Democratic National Committee. Fight over miracle health claims for Pom Wonderful pomegranate juice continues; Federal Trade Commission said Roll Global overstepped in its claims, but Resnicks vow to fight on. Wonderful Pistachios of Paramount Farms had another attention-grabbing Super Bowl ad, this one featuring South Korean pop star Psy dancing with man-size pistachios.


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