For high school athletes, picking the right college can be a lot like dating. So it’s no surprise that someone has created an algorithm to help match jocks with the best schools.

Santa Monica technology company FieldLevel on Thursday announced its technology to help coaches find and recruit the right student athletes and vice-versa.

The new tool is part of FieldLevel’s evolution since it was first founded in 2008. The nine-person company started as a place for coaches to connect with athletes while making sure they adhered to recruiting rules. But over time, FieldLevel has evolved into a social network for college coaches to connect with high school coaches and athletes.

“This is a culmination of a couple years of working with coaches,” said Kai Sato, FieldLevel co-founder and chief operating officer. “There’s no utility to help them identify athletes. LinkedIn will help them get a job, but it’s not for athletes.”

The matching technology uses 51 data points – such as location, position, athletic performance and academic records – to help coaches and athletes find one another.

The service is free for coaches. Athletes get a free profile but they have to pay for an upgrade to take advantage of the algorithm. Athletes can only sign up for FieldLevel if their high school coach or a recruiting college coach gives them access.

Until now, FieldLevel has focused on baseball recruiting. The company says it has 80 percent adoption among college baseball programs and is also working with five Major League Baseball teams.

With the new matching algorithm, FieldLevel now expects to begin expanding to other sports such as football.

“We’ve learned a lot from rolling out baseball,” Brenton Sullivan, FieldLevel co-founder and chief executive. “We’ve started to see that other sports are clamoring for a similar private professional network for their coaches. It’s an exciting time for us.”

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