Responses from founder and Managing Director Chris Raih:

What did you do to achieve the company’s growth?

When we started out, our strategy involved pitching and actively hunting new business in the sports/entertainment and active lifestyle realm. After spending the last six years establishing ourselves, now we have brands approaching us.

How did you manage the growing workload? For example, did you have to add space or move into new facilities?

We have moved offices twice in the last two-and-a-half years, but have managed to stay in the Venice Beach area. Fortunately, our most recent move saw us settle into a space that will allow for further expansion, not to mention all the perks you come to enjoy from a space on the Westside. Our headquarters are a short walk from the beach, come complete with a rooftop deck and allow employees to pursue an active lifestyle in and around the office.

What was the biggest challenge

for your staff?

Maintaining the tightknit culture we’ve worked to create while continuing to scale up the work. We’ve always been focused on growing and hiring the right way, and are determined not to sacrifice this.

Do you plan on continuing a fast-growth path, or has the time come to slow down a bit?

While we strive to maintain the culture we’ve established and are so proud of, we also understand the importance of growing selectively. Our goal is to keep developing as an agency with the type of brands we have a natural affinity for, primarily those in the active lifestyle space. We anticipate that this steady growth will continue.



BUSINESS: Advertising agency



2011 REVENUE: $7.7 million

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