Responses from President Carrie Nebens:

What did you do to achieve the company’s growth?

We recognized early on that technology was a hot, booming sector. We expanded Equis’ services from only financing and accounting to include IT services as well. By capitalizing on this, we were able to really bolster our growth tremendously.

How did you manage the growing workload? For example, did you have to add space or move into new facilities?

We were fortunate to have the physical capacity to add to staff, and we did so in the IT sector. It was our job to ensure our new staff members were well trained and supported, and had the resources and tools to flourish.

What was the biggest challenge for your staff?

The biggest challenge has been finding great IT candidates to keep up with the high demand. Even though the national unemployment is around 8 percent, I’d peg the unemployment in the IT sector to be more like 3 percent. When the economy is soft, we have a lot of candidates looking for jobs and few clients looking to hire. When the labor market is tight, as it is in the IT sector, we have a lot of clients looking for candidates. To keep up Equis’ reputation, we need to supply these clients with top-level IT personnel, and that’s an ongoing challenge and opportunity. We are continuing to meet the demands – we recently placed a 23-year-old college graduate into a position paying $50 an hour at a Fortune 100 company. Not many stories like that in other industries.

Do you plan on continuing a fast-growth path, or has the time come to slow down a bit?

We are absolutely planning on continuing to invest in our IT group – I don’t see that market slowing down anytime soon. That means additional hiring and additional growth.



BUSINESS: Staffing



2011 REVENUE: $5.8 million

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