Kahn Media in Reseda has formed a triple alliance to fend off competition from wannabes in the niche of automotive marketing.

Dan Kahn, president of the PR agency, has hooked up with Brentwood Communications International, a video production company in Northridge, and FM3 Performance Marketing, an event organizer in Grafton, Wis. The alliance isn’t a partnership, but an agreement to share clients and projects when appropriate among the companies.

Kahn said the arrangement came about when the companies crossed paths at automotive events and realized they shared the same challenge. In the economic downturn, all three find they are competing against one-person shops that offer a single service at a lowball price. Former automotive journalists seek work writing press releases in competition with Kahn Media; unemployed videographers try to take jobs away from Brentwood; and former corporate marketers with event experience go up against FM3.

“If we combine forces, we can offer larger companies more services,” Kahn said. “That solidifies our position as premium providers and makes it hard to compete against us if you’re a one-man show.”

The first project involving all three companies will be the Spectre 341 Challenge, an annual race in Virginia City, Nev., scheduled this year for June 15-17. Kahn Media will promote attendance, FM3 will run the event and Brentwood will film it. Kahn Media will put the video on YouTube and TV to promote next year’s race.

Pitch Man

Pitch, an advertising agency in Culver City, has hired Eric Springer away from Deutsch LA. Springer’s new title is chief creative officer.

At Deutsch, Springer created the Volkswagen TV spot “The Force,” which aired during last year’s Super Bowl and went on to tally 47 million views on YouTube. “The Force” later won AdWeek’s Ad of the Year award.

In his new job, Springer will be leading Pitch’s strategic and creative teams as well as bringing in new clients. Also, he will work to recruit talent to the 40-person agency, which was founded in 2007.

“Pitch is exactly the type of creative think tank that I’ve longed for and have been looking to help build,” Springer said in a statement.

Pitch clients include Burger King and Nickelodeon.

Costumed ‘Do Devils’

Culver City-based advertising shop Woo Agency put its client Lenovo on top of the heap – literally – at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Jan. 10-12.

During the confab, Lenovo’s Do Devils – a team of Power Ranger-like heroes – rode atop taxis and limos along Las Vegas Boulevard. While cruising the Strip, the daredevils worked on their Lenovo IdeaPad U300 notebook computers.


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