Any beverage can become an energy drink with a squirt of the new Juice by Energy-X.

Pacific Shore Holdings Inc., a consumer goods manufacturer in Chatsworth that owns the Energy-X brand, already sells an energy-packed chewing gum and a lip balm with a pick-me-up. It’s now introducing Juice, a concentration of caffeine, B vitamins and other chemicals often found in energy drinks. When the tasteless, odorless and calorie-free liquid is added to any food, it’s supposed to bring you a boost.

Matthew Mills, chief executive of Pacific Shore, said consumers can add Juice to sports drinks, fruit punch or even oatmeal. But so far, the favorite drink of choice is vodka.

“You can drink a Vodka Collins with a shot of Juice and there’s no taste,” Mills said. “And if you drink five or six of them, you can make it through the night and wake up the next day hangover free.”

Juice’s anti-hangover qualities figure highly in its launch strategy. Mills hopes to create a buzz about the product among bartenders and celebrity partygoers before making it available to the general public. He’s been distributing it free at rock concerts and Hollywood parties, including club events for the Golden Globe Awards.

“We are going to promote it in VIP bars, make a stir and create demand,” Mills explained.

By summer, he plans to start selling the product to bars and restaurants for a wholesale price of $15 per half-liter bottle. Eventually, Juice will sell at retail for $29.99 per bottle.

Mills has other Energy-X products in the pipeline, including an energy-boosting salad dressing and cooking oil. For those launches, he’ll be hitting the supermarkets instead of the nightclubs.

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