Need to quench your thirst after a hot day at the beach in Venice but you’re short on cold cash? That’s no problem, as long as you’re not short on energy.

A monthlong promotion at a pop-up shop operated by Rising Beverage Co. LLC is offering bottles of its Activate Drinks vitamin water for free to passers-by – so long as they ride a stationary bike or dance for one minute.

The promotion, which runs through Sept. 3, is benefiting the Get America Fit Foundation, which fights obesity. Activate is making a donation for each bottle earned through physical expenditure, up to $50,000 in total.

Also key: The event is raising the Newport Beach drink maker’s profile among the fit crowd, with the pop-up shop operating on hip Abbot Kinney Boulevard. More than 1,000 bottles were given away in the first weekend alone of the promotion, which started Aug. 2. What’s more, a visit by actress Vanessa Hudgens has already been plastered all over the web.

Activate water comes in a bottle with a cap that twists to release colorful vitamin powder into the liquid. This is supposed to keep the vitamins from losing their potency from sitting in water for several days on a shelf.

Half-liter bottles of the water sell for about $2.50 in supermarkets, and customers who don’t like dancing in public could buy them at the pop-up store – but there were few buyers.

“Everyone wanted to be active, no one wanted to pay with cash,” said Jesse Merrill, Activate vice president of marketing, who noted that the company is spending less than $100,000 on the promotion, including the charitable donation.

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