Fans of the TV series “Lost” might remember when they first learned the character Locke had used a wheelchair before the crash of Flight 815. Or maybe they recall when Hurley’s winning lottery ticket became his bad luck charm. So there may be some passionate bids when those items and thousands of additional props from the ABC show will go under the hammer this summer at a local auctioneer of Hollywood memorabilia.

ABC and Calabasas-based Profiles in History have been working together for more than a year planning an auction for the props, costumes and set pieces from the sci-fi drama’s six-year run.

The show’s cult status has given Profiles in History an opportunity to sell some of the most recognizable memorabilia

of “Lost.”

“I’m sure we’ll have museums and cultural institutions that want a piece of this show for the public to see,” said Joseph Maddalena, owner of Profiles in History. The firm is also conducting a “Star Trek” auction in June.

Many of the “Lost” auction items played a key role in the show, among them Charlie’s acoustic guitar and Walt’s favorite comic book. Profiles in History has not announced a date for the event and is waiting for the go-ahead from ABC in the weeks after the series finale, which was scheduled for May 23.

The number of items on sale and starting prices also will be announced pending the network’s approval.

Maddalena is predicting vigorous bidding.

“If fans have got a favorite episode or favorite character, they can get something that’s meaningful,” he said.

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