Ron Tutor, who is buying Miramax Films in partnership with Colony Capital and others, said there won't be a role at the new theatrical distribution company for his former longtime partner David Bergstein, with whom Tutor had been investing in movies and movie companies for many years.

In an exclusive interview, Tutor whose group is bying Miramas from Disney for more than $650 million, did not mince words about his former partner, making clear that the relationship with Bergstein is "strained" while expressing pity for his former friend and his failings.

"There's something very nice about (Bergstein) when you meet him, he's very charming," Tutor said. "But as I've told him a number of times, he needs to look inward. All the sick things he did, gambling money he didn't have, trying to grow a business he didn't know and borrowing the way he did, and the madness, to sum it up, of what took place, he's got to learn from it because it virtually destroyed him. If you don't learn from your mistakes, you just continue to make them."

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