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Gabe Kadosh, 29

Investment & Leasing Specialist, May Realty Advisors

Gabe Kadosh said that he’s aspired to be a businessman since childhood and even found a way to explore his entrepreneurial side on the playground.

In grade school, he sold lollipops with Jolly Rancher hard candies taped to them for 25 cents, and in fourth grade graduated to secretly selling photos cut out from Playboy. He started selling anything he could find on eBay in 1998, just as it was gaining widespread popularity.

Now 29, Kadosh has hit the big time on his home turf in Los Angeles, gaining a reputation in local real estate circles as a rising real estate broker responsible for helping new West L.A. trendy bars and restaurants rise up in West Los Angeles.

Among the more high-profile hot spots Kadosh can take credit for: the Roger Room, a trendy bar in a highly coveted spot on La Cienega Boulevard near the Beverly Center; the revamped Largo entertainment club’s relocation next door at the Coronet Theater; and the Mexican restaurant Pinches Tacos on the Sunset Strip.

“I find my inspiration from just being out and about in the city I love,” Kadosh said. “I want to be known as the go-to guy for restaurants wanting to open a business, from the ocean all the way to downtown in Los Angeles.”

A native of Brentwood, Kadosh went to schools in Encino and Santa Monica before attending Northern Arizona University to study marketing. After graduation, he came back to Los Angeles, landing a job at local brokerage Piken Co. in 2004.

At Piken, he made more connections, laying the groundwork for moving to May Realty Advisors in 2008, where he’s worked on his some of his biggest deals.

He worked with bar and club moguls Sean Macpherson and Jared Meisler to secure the Roger Room’s lease in the 2,000-square-foot space that formerly housed the Coronet Pub for decades. The bar opened in June.

“Without him, there would be no Roger Room,” said Meisler, who’s known Kadosh for 15 years after meeting him through a mutual friend. “He was involved with us getting it open from beginning to end. He’s just so passionate and draws you in.”

Kadosh’s clients said they like working with him because he is aware of what’s trendy, has no problem approaching property owners.

“You can tell he has your best interest at heart,” said Miguel Anaya, one of three brothers who own the Pinches Tacos restaurant chain. “And he answers any questions we have with honesty and directness that we can trust.”

Both Meisler and Anaya plan to keep Kadosh busy with their upcoming projects; Pinches hopes to open as many as three more locations in the next couple of years. It’s something Kadosh relishes.

“I rarely spend time in the office because I’m on the street talking to people, and that’s how I intend to make these deals happen,” he said. “I just love being out there in L.A., and want it to have more and more cool places for people to enjoy.”

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