Event producer Canon Communications LLC has acquired three Canadian trade shows in the plastics and packaging industries.

The West L.A.-based Canon bought the Plast-Ex and ExpoPlast shows, the two top Canadian trade shows for the plastics industry, from the Canadian Plastics Industry Association. In a separate transaction, Canon acquired Packex, Canada's leading packaging trade show, from Paris' Comexposium and the Packaging Association of Canada. Financial terms of the transactions were not disclosed.

Starting in 2011, Canon will stage the Plast-Ex and Packex together, a strategy that the company said has worked for many of its shows. Each of the shows attracts 500 exhibitors marketing their industrial equipment and services.

The newly acquired events "provide the perfect launch platform for our co-location strategy in the Canadian market," Charles McCurdy, Canon chief executive, said in a statement.

Vodka Revamped

Product placement agency UPP Entertainment Marketing in Burbank has one of the hottest assignments of the year with new client Firestarter Vodka.

The drink, imported from Moldova, comes in a bottle that looks like a fire extinguisher, complete with lock pin, trigger and pour nozzle. UPP has the job of making Firestarter conspicuous in films and TV shows, and at Hollywood parties.

Agency President Gary Mezzatesta believes the visual curiosity of the packaging will draw attention on screen and at live events.

"Needless to say, we are eager to see how the entertainment community reacts to this distinctive product," he said in a statement.

The product itself is distilled from wheat and flavored with honey, so the fiery name has no reference to the taste. But Chris Van Howten, director of advertising at Firestarter, hopes the marketing campaign will catch on like wildfire.

"We look forward to seeing awareness for our brand explode in and around Hollywood," Van Howten said in a statement.

America's Next Top Agency?

Wongdoody, you're going out there a nobody, but you're coming back a star.

The Culver City marketing agency made the jump from behind the camera to momentary fame on the Oct. 14 episode of "America's Next Top Model."

In the show, produced by the show's host, Tyra Banks, Wongdoody staffers appeared on screen to guide contestants through makeup, dressing and styling challenges that a new model typically experiences on a commercial shoot. The agency also provided feedback to the show's producers to help determine which contestants would move ahead in the modeling contest.


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