Jamie McCourt has no interest in surrendering her ownership involvement with the Dodgers and has no plans to leave her post as chief executive officer, her attorney said Thursday.

The statements set the stage for what could be a protracted battle for control of the club between Jamie McCourt and her husband, Frank, who announced their separation late Wednesday.

Although Frank McCourt is listed as the owner and franchise "control person," to major league baseball, the source said the couple presented themselves together for the approval of Commissioner Bud Selig, in advance of the McCourts' 2004 purchase of the Dodgers.

Marshall Grossman, the attorney for Frank McCourt, contend his client is the sole owner of the Dodgers. "We disagree with his conclusion," said Dennis Wasser, the attorney for Jamie McCourt. "We are confident that, if the ownership issue must be adjudicated, the Dodgers will be determined to be community property, owned 50 percent by each of the McCourts."

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